Listen to what some of our students have to say about studying at CAC – Central Australian College.


We provide you with the right skills and training for you to achieve your career goals. We do our very best to get you started in your career path. We have successfully placed many of our students with jobs at reputable companies and industry partners.

Student Success

Anthony Lebnan (Gained Employment At Major Car Dealership)

Thanks to all the staff at Central Australian College. I was doing an apprenticeship at Ford motor company but unfortunately things didn’t work out. I spent the next 12 months working at a local work shop doing mechanic duties but found l was lacking some of the skills l required and the boss wasn’t overly impressed, he suggested l needed more training and organized for me to attend Central Australian College.

Things didn’t work out with my boss, however l persisted with my training and within 4 months l am back working as an apprentice mechanic again at another major dealership around Melbourne.

The Staff at CAC have not only helped develop my skills and rebuild my confidence but my trainer organized and took me to a job interview at a major dealership that he had organized for me.

Many Thanks
Anthony Lebnan

Student: Monica Camilleri (Gained Employment at Nissan, Melbourne)

My name is Monica, I have been attending CAC For the last 12 months doing Cert lll Automotive Mechanical Technology.

Really enjoyed the course and made lots of friends along the way. The staff and students have been really encouraging and help build my skills and confidence to the point that l am now employed as a mechanic at a local Nissan dealership.

Girl Power!!

Thanks to the College and my trainer for not only teaching me but also organising me a job interview at Nissan.

Really appreciate your help.

Monica Camilleri

Student: Kyle Dowdle (Local Apprentice)


Update 08/2016 – Kyle has now started apprenticeship at a local automotive workshop in Footscray.

My name is Kyle, l am 17yrs old. I have been a bit of a troubled kid, going from foster care, RESI care and school to school.

A neighbor of mine was attending Central Australian College doing an Automotive course and highly recommended it to me. I am 6 months into the course and really enjoying it, the staff have been really supportive and organized a job for me as an apprentice mechanic at a local workshop, l am 5 weeks into my 3 month apprenticeship trial and the boss is really happy with the standard of my work.

It feels pretty good making my own money and paying my way. l wanted to thank the staff at Central Australian College for their help with getting me a job and for the training they have given me to get me to this point.

Kyle Dowdle

Student: Paul (Skill Validation)

Learned a lot of up to date information. Useful for today’s work environment. The trainer helped a lot with both on job and off the job aspects.

Student: Matt (Gained Employment in Industry)


Found the hours to be good. Tools and equipment at campus adequate. Trainer was really good and willing to help.
Helped to build up my confidence and gain employment in the industry.

From the Employer- Mr. Paul Fahkoury at CSI Automotive Coburg

The apprentice (Matt) is knowledgeable, hard working and reliable. He can work with little or no supervision. Treats my business as his own. Goes above and beyond what is required.

Student: Majed Ashraf (Gained Employment at Jeep, Melbourne)

Just wanted to thank the staff at CAC for all their help with my new career. I was working at a local car manufacturing plant around Melbourne that is closing down and was looking for a career change.

l have never worked as a mechanic before so this was a big challenge. Since attending Central Australian College l have completed my Cert lV in Automotive mechanical diagnostic and am now employed as Automotive Technician by the City Jeep dealership in Melbourne.

Great facility great staff, special thanks to my trainer.

Majed Ashraf

Student: Zachary Chia (Gained Employment at RACV)

My name is Zachary Chia and l have been a student at Central Australian College for the past 14 months attending class for Certificate III in Automotive mechanical technology.

l’ve struggled at times and lost focus along the way that is why the course has taken me a little longer than normal to complete but thanks to the persistence and encouragement of my trainer l have just graduated.

My trainer encouraged and organized for me to apply for a job as a road side patrolman for the RACV doing road side break down work, I was a little anxious because to qualify for the job l had to go to RACV head office and do a written and practical entrance exam.

Happy to say the skills and knowledge l gained at CAC were more than enough that l passed the entrance exam and am now working as a patrolman.

l am continuing with my studies and just signed up for Cert IV in mechanical diagnostics.

I highly recommend CAC as a place to study.

Thanks to all the staff.

Zachary Chia

Student: Awais Rheman (Skill Validation)

I have just completed my Cert IV in Automotive mechanical diagnostic at CAC, loved the course, plenty of hands on work.

Although l was already working in the industry it really helped sharpen my skills and get advancement at my work place.

l learnt a lot, “l had to do an engine rebuild on my own vehicle so we did this as part of class activities l learnt how to check ring gaps, gearing clearances, end play, set up multiple complex timing procedures”.

Highly recommend CAC to anyone.
Awais Rheman

Student: Roshan Tharaka (International Student)

l originally came to Australia as an international student to study, l was hopeful of making a life for myself here but a lot depended on how l went with my studies.

I am just completing my final assessment of the Cert IV in Automotive diagnostic course at CAC and highly recommend it to anyone considering doing it. l want to thank my trainer for getting me a work placement working on Mercedes, BMW, Ferraries, etc that led me to getting a full time job working as a mechanic at a major dealership,(my trainer also organized my job at the dealership), a special thanks to him, Mark Fagan.

I have also gained my Australian residency and life is now good.

Roshan Tharaka

Student: Shah Khalid (Automotive)


The experience with Central Australian College (CAC) was amazing, I had an interest in automotive from the beginning however, I did not know where to start. CAC provided me with the required guidance during the initial stage and guided me throughout the process. When I joined CAC I did not have adequate knowledge about cars however, the course structure is informative that covers each and every aspects in this industry.

I would like to thank Allah and also take this opportunity to thank our trainers Mark and Bikash. I highly recommend the future students interested in automotive to study at CAC because it has a good infrastructure including a workshop in the college, experienced trainers and overall a friendly environment.

Shah Khalid.

Student: Huy Pham (English Language, EAL)


My name is Huy, I’m studying certificate IV in EAL at central Australian college (CAC). I feel very comfortable in my English class in this school because I have been given good opportunities to improve my speaking skills. Now I can speak better than before. That is why I am learning much more.

Teachers are fantastic; They become friends as well as instructors. They took the time to find suitable learning methods. I think everything that I learned during this program helped me a lot. I’ve got a deeper understanding of business and discussing, reading and writing about it helped me improve my English. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to co-operate with other people in class.

Online system is very good. Admin are amazing, CAC connect in particular helped me a lot when getting started.

Huy Pham